Simon & Vicki

Simon & Vicki met when they were young and impetuous, their romance was wild and fun and then life pulled them apart to live in different states. They made all the noises nd said all the words we say when our love starts down a different path and ultimately they went their separate ways and lost touch. Years later Vicki found Simon online and realised they were both single again, so just 3 short years ago after a night out with the girls, she made “The Call”. The call that would change their lives and lead them back to each other. That call took them both back to the impetuous kids they used to be. Back to the chaos and the crazy, so with that in mind they eloped in secret. Their elopement was simple and fun. They said their vows sitting in a comfy daybed and kissed over fancy drinks at Barbados. They slipped away for a photo shoot, returning at sunset for delicious food and a few more drinks to seal the deal Being apart for so many years has shown them that it’s important to grab the chances when you get them and these two lovebirds are not wasting a moment.Simon-&-Vicki-port-douglas-elopement

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