Sam & Brendan

Brendan is an easy going laid back photographer and Sam is an articulate lawyer by day and an artist as her side hustle, but between you and me, even though her heart belongs to Brendan, She fell in love with her art first. The two of them met whilst Sam was on sabbatical in the U.S. She was following her artistic dreams, painting and producing art. She employed Brendan to to photograph some of her work and you know what they say….. Love finds you when you are least expecting it! Love snuck up on them both, soft and easy going like Brendan, filled with hope and passion like Sam and before they knew it, they were announcing their engagement to their nearest and dearest.

I’ve known Sam for almost almost as long as I’ve lived in Australia, but I have to say I was taken by surprise when she announced she was engaged to a guy I had yet to meet! I was overjoyed that she had met her Mr Right, but when it comes to my pals…let’s just say, the bar is set high!…Was he good enough for our girl?
When I met Brendan, I immediately saw why Sam was in love with him, I saw the love in his eyes for the beautiful Sam, the care he has for her and her family, his gentle disposition and affectionate nature, I was instantly won over!

Their wedding at Bathers Pavilion in Sydney, was one of the most joyful ceremonies I have ever performed. Sam was late…as always! Brendan didn’t mind, he knew she was going to get there…eventually! When she finally arrived, a vision in her stunning red wedding dress, with that dazzling smile and flowers in her hair, she was instantly forgiven for her lateness and we all cheered her arrival. The two of them laughed their way through the ceremony, holding hands and stealing kisses between vows and promises. their laughter was contagious, by the end we were all laughing and cheering with them as they laughed and  celebrated beneath a crazy shower of confetti.

After the ceremony, we all celebrated with a high tea reception sharing stories and fun, the laughter continued long past the afternoon and Sam in her red dress, danced her way well into the evening, leaving us all dazzled in her wake.

Dan O Day Photography
Bathers Pavilion

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