Roxanna & Alex

My first conversation with Roxanna was in the car, I was heading home after a wedding and we hit it off from the get go. Roxanna was inspired to call me after trawling through my socials and by the end of the conversation we were both on board with her plans. These two lovebirds are on board with romance and were all about the vibe. They wanted all the things and all the flowers but without the stress Roxanna & Alex met through friends and Alex was instantly smitten, Roxanna’s radar was off at the time, so fate decided to take a back seat. Then 2 years later they were both waiting in line to board a plane and Alex couldn’t believe his luck… Roxanna was concerned about the enthusiastic man back in the line who kept giving her they eye and grinning at her (Alex was sporting a rather large new moustache which made him unrecognisable)… Then Alex mustered the courage to say hello, the penny dropped, things were set in motion, numbers were exchanged, messages were sent, dates were made and the rest is history! Their Micro wedding at Charlottes Tree was like a dream, the flowers echoed an English country garden, the setup was comfortable and elegant, Loni played the Harp and Roxanna arrived in a white princess limo… Yes Alex cried big manly tears as he watched his angel walk towards him. Then as they took a deep breath we smudged the air and they took in the moment. I talked them and their guests through a mindfulness meditation, they let go of the chaos and were brought fully into the experience. Together, we burned away the past and welcomed the future, they made a piece of art and sealed a wine box with their love (and a couple of nails) and they were married. Celebrating into the night at Charlottes Tree, with great food and good music. Their day was a celebration of love and a triumph of planning, it was elegant and fun, relaxed and romantic and I wish I could do it all over again.Roxanna-&-Alex-cairns-wedding

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