Megan & Joel

Meg & Joel met on a dive trip, they fell in love as dive buddies and they know how much life is like the perfect dive so it made sense for them to plan a Scuba Wedding.

Diving the Great Barrier Reef is like falling in love, the water wraps around you like a warm all encompassing hug, the beauty of the reef takes your breath away and every corner you turn reveals a new exhilarating moment to share.

I remember the day Joel called me with “a weird request” and when he told me that he and Meg wanted to get married out at Osprey Reef, I couldn’t have been happier to assist them as their celebrant.

Meg and Joel met on a diving trip in Florida and they have been dive buddies ever since, so it a wedding out on the Coral Sea aboard Spirit of Freedom was the perfect decision.

We dived together for days before the wedding, we met beautiful Chromies and Cuttlefish, Giant Cod and Wrasse, we also met a Sharknado and a friendly Juvenile Whale Shark that we named Hugo.

The day of the wedding was bright and sunny and the diving was perfect. Joel and Meg donned 1920’s outfits over their dive gear and stood together on the bow to make vows and promises to each other that reflected the love of diving they share.

They promised to share air with the other and offer their hands in the currents of their future.

Pledging to always have the others back as we navigate through the landscape of our life.

They vowed never to skip breath even though their heart might skip a beat for the other.

Committing to always remain calm and confident as they plan their life together.

They made oaths to always remember to look up and take in the scenery.

Agreeing to always notice the little things no matter how small.

They vowed to always be buddies looking out for each other in every situation.

Making a covenant to never lead the other into danger or push them out of their depth.

They pledged they will plan their life and live that plan.
Vowing to help each other face their fears as they take a giant stride into their future together.

Then together we all took a giant stride into the Coral Sea, the warm water engulfed us together and we dropped down the side of the coral wall. With the local residents looking on, they exchanged rings, swapped regulators and shared a perfect underwater kiss…. and with that they became buddies for life in good conditions and bad, diving into their future together.

Thanks to the following talented beings for the use of their amazing images and footage:-

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