Marla & Abe

Marla & Abe did the Covid shuffle with their wedding, they flipped and changed according to restrictions and then finally decided to escape to paradise for their wedding. Their plan to have their wedding on Fitzroy Island was inspired and picking some choice suppliers, we were all excited to share the day with them. They met when Abe crashed Marla’s birthday party as a pineapple clad tipsy comedian, from there they became then friends having coffee, two people exploring the recognition of a dream, a possibility, a future….. Then before they knew it they were in love, which led them to that surprise proposal from Abe in a vineyard (with some sneaky assistance from Marla’s bestie) who was in on the surprise. Then they became parents with a beautiful family…. With all the love and chaos that goes with it… from juggling kids..well not literally (but maybe?) to occasional moments sipping cocktails side by side at the beach. Their vows were filled with love, recognition, promises and dreams, as Marla thanked Abe for everything they have become and for all that they are about to become she said “We have been blessed with a beautiful life already and I am so excited to keep experiencing it with you”. Then Abe acknowledged that he could never find the right words to express how he was feeling. He did however say “I know our future will be amazing, it will be all about family, our family has so much journey left to travel and I cannot wait to spend every minute of that with you exploring each moment” The day of the wedding was a blue sky special with wether we always dream about. The water was mirror calm on the way over and their was a slight cooling breeze during the ceremony (which is a blessing in January). When the ceremony was complete and they snuck away for family pics, I relished having some time to chill out with a cocktail before catching the boat back to the mainland!Marla-&-Abe-cairns-micro-wedding

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