Lisa & Lindsay

I knew from the first phone call that Lisa and Lindsay were going to be fun, they have a zest for life and a sense of humour to match (whatever life may throw at them or they they may throw at each other). They are into all the couple stuff like weekend bbq breakfasts, mowing lawns and morning naps, relaxed lunches and trips to the market. They love time with friends and beers, more naps and retail therapy… They also love hockey games and random cheering, sewing and killing noobs on PS5! They eloped in secret and told me they were up for some laughs and I can tell you we laughed all day. Their sense of humour is infectious and attention to detail inspiring. They both wanted to be comfortable so they wore matching converse. When they saw the BallyHooly Steam train, they couldn’t contain their enthusiasm for a bit of old school mischievousness I know these two are going to have an crazy, chaotic, dog filled, fun packed life as long as Lisa maintains her standing as the funny one in the relationship, even when Lindsay doesn’t listen to the small stuff !Lisa-&-Lindsay-elopement-fnq

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