Lacey & Rob

Lacey and Rob wanted something unique for their outback wedding. The theme is Skyrim/Viking/Lord of the Rings and they cautiously told me, “It’s a Fancy Dress wedding!” …
“WooHoo… I’m in” I squealed!!

Some couples want the world to know their story and dream about the details being woven into the very fabric of their day, but Lacey and Rob did not feel that this was for them. Their love grew over tales of Vikings and Hobbits, they fought battles together online in the realm of SkyRim and made their own magical stories with their online community. This is how they wanted their wedding to be…. and I was more than excited to be part of it.

Together we wove their favourite moments from their fantasy worlds into the story for their ceremony. Words from Tolkien, played with quotes from his books, they merged with storylines from SkyRim and Viking history, to create a uniquely personal experience for us all to enjoy.

Their family and friends stepped up and dressed up as Vikings and Kings, Wood Nymphs and Sorcerers, they cheered as Rob made his dramatic hero’s entrance, hailed with words from Boromir and clapped as Lacey arrived in warrior style through a trail of smoke. They warmed the rings with their love and wishes, were spellbound as the bonding was made and cheered as potions were consumed and spells cast.
Everyone has a different definition of romance and it’s often unexpected, these two lovebirds, found theirs in the realm of SkyRim fighting the DragonWar and tracking to the Temple of Mara to be married in front of an eclectic mix of fantasy rogues and villains.
If you need a Viking Shaman for your wedding, I’m here for you! Fancy another theme? Just let me know, cos’ I really love fancy dress!


Themed Dress Up Wedding Port Douglas


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