Katie & Mark


1. Right from the beginning, Stephanie had the most warm, genuine, and calming energy and made us both feel so relaxed about the exciting process ahead.
2. Stephanie’s communication was totally on point at all times; we were never left hanging or waiting to hear from her. Even though we were interstate, she was right there for us the whole way.
3. Being a Port Douglas local, Stephanie gave us SO MANY helpful tips about how to make our Ceremony just perfect; a Celebrant from out of town just couldn’t have known these things. This was priceless to us.
4. Stephanie not only allowed us to make the Ceremony our own but encouraged us to modify it, which we did (on several occasions, even up until the day beforehand…) so it completely reflected us in every way. She was always receptive and supportive to everything we came up with!
5. Stephanie has such a polite and charming nature about her which enabled her (of her own initiative) to kindly and successfully ask people occupying our outdoor Ceremony location to give us the space for the time we needed it, without any fuss or drama occurring as a result.
6. Our whole family adored Stephanie because she made them all feel so comfortable in her presence. They mentioned on multiple occasions that she was the best wedding officiant they had ever seen, and just a delightful person all-round.
7. Stephanie made sure the spotlight was on us during our whole Ceremony – and even delicately stepped out of the way at times, without interruption, to allow the photo/video crew to get some amazing shots.
8. Stephanie generously gave us her time the day beforehand for a chat / some advice and wisdom – this was absolutely invaluable, as we came away with the ability to write some really heartfelt but funny vows, where we had previously been stuck!
9. Stephanie constantly looked for ways to go above and beyond the call of duty – whether it was organising champagne, raking the aisle (and offering to bring the rake), removing the flowers from the arbour and taking them back to the house – she was happy to do it all without even being asked.
10. Being married by Stephanie felt like being married by a friend – she is truly such a wonderful person. Bringing people together and celebrating love is quite clearly her calling, and we could not recommend her to other couples highly enough. We felt so lucky to have her, and anyone else would be too.

– Katie & Mark

Port Douglas Wedding Celebrant Stephanie Milne


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