Hannah & Joe

From the moment I met Hannah, I knew she had a vision for her wedding and she was a bride who was going to totally own it!

Hannah and Joe told me they are not romantic and really were not fussed about the ceremony, but I could read between the lines and saw a very different story emerging. Their vision of romance isn’t the typical champagne and roses, but these two amazing humans definitely have their own romance all around them. I see the way Joe looks at Hannah when he thinks no one is looking, when she talks about her plans and I see a man who is proud to have this strong passionate woman on his arm. When Hannah speaks about Joe, she gets a different tone in her voice, which she doesn’t even realise is there. It’s like she is trying to catch her breath because the thought of Joe has taken it away.

The morning of Hannah and Joe’s wedding, I was privileged to spend some time with Hannah and her Bride Tribe as they prepared for the fun to begin. I created Hannah’s Bridal Body Art, which adorned her hands and encircled her wrists as her hair and make up was being done. As the excitement started to build, I held her hands in mine and concentrated on the art, feeling her pulse drop and her hands relax, I looked up to see her eyes closed for a moment as she enjoyed a moment of calm.

Hannah and Joe’s wedding, was a fabulous eclectic mix of style and fun. Modern trends merged with Frida Kahlo flair in the beautiful St Mary’s by the Sea Chapel….They both totally owned it in brilliantly chosen outfits, blazing their way through the ceremony and then adjourning with their friends and family to the Sugarwharf, where they dined alfresco on the deck and then danced into the night inside the beautiful historic Sugarwharf building.

When I saw Hannah the next day, she smiled the happy relaxed smile of a bride in love, with only the hint of a hangover and her beautiful white body art still adorning her hands and wrists.

Kind words from Hannah & Joe

Stephanie was the best!!
I met her first with my friend at Betty’s Bohemian and from that moment, knew she was the one to marry my fiancé and I. We just clicked! She was easy going and understood that we were not the overly romantic type! Stephanie went above and beyond for Joe and I from the Chanel book, to our signing table, lending me her wishing well and best of all doing my henna on the morning of my wedding, something she practiced to get perfect! It was the best day! I don’t think it would have been the same without her!

Thank you xx

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