Emmah & Travis

When Emmah reached out to me, she told me she and travis were up for some adventure and I was instantly on board. Their lives before getting together have not been easy and when fate gave them both a second chance at love they were both initially a little hesitant… but very quickly that hesitancy faded and before they realised it they were both in it to win it. So now they are on the big adventure together and they decided a secret adventure elopement was they way to go. Emmah booked a gorgeous Villa in the Daintree Rainforest and we all jumped in cars to meet them their. We arranged their first look at the villa and then set off for some fun. Taking pictures on the way, we stopped at a Rainforest creek and a coastal rainforest boardwalk. When they found the spot that gave them all the right feels, we stopped and they were married right there amongst the trees and the rainforest noises and the greenery. Emmah said: From the moment we met, you’ve surprised me, distracted me and captivated me. Travis said: I promise to love you more today than yesterday and everyday a little bit more, because we have our forever to go Then when the paperwork was done, we carried on, with more captures and fun and laughter and a picnic and a cake and a bit of rain (which was fun) and then they headed off together for dinner in the rainforest, leaving us in awe of their amazing bond.Emmah-&-Travis-cairns-elopement

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