Diana & Bradley

Diana and Bradley decided to elope in secret as their families were overseas and they were working in Australia. They met in Alice Springs and love quickly brought them together. Diana followed Brad to Melbourne and they started to build a life together and with their fur babies added to the mix, they officially became a pack Flying up to FNQ filled with excitement and expectation and expectations for adventure and romance. We made a plan and things started to come together, flying off to the rainforest, we landed in a secluded clearing north of Cape Kimberley, there was a path through the rainforest to a remote beach with white sand and not a soul around. This was the spot…. Standing on the beach, the soundtrack to their ceremony were the sounds of the waves on the shore, and the cicadas chirping. They said their vows and exchanged rings and as they kissed to seal the moment they were serenaded by a cacophony of rainforest sounds that were applauding the event. It was magical and crazy and we could not get enough of the moment. And after some words from their pack we took to the skies and flew the long way round back to Port Douglas because Marriage might not be something a dog needs, but it’s definitely something that’s good for a human!Diana-&-Bradley-elopement-barrier-reef

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