Darrin & Janusz

Janusz discovered me in a fabulous magazine article on a plane. He later told me, as soon as he read the article, he knew I was the celebrant for them. Darrin’s response was “just as long as she’s not annoying!” Thankfully I cut the mustard, which made me both relieved and delighted!… I’m pretty sure my love of Dirty Martini’s was a deciding factor.

Preparing for their wedding was a breeze, they were both gracious and generous with their information and enthusiasm, giving me lots of nuggets of gold about each other made writing their ceremony lots of fun.

Darrin & Janusz have a bond of love which is based on shared passions, mutual respect, strong morals and a love of the good things in life.

I felt privileged to be given the honour to share a meaningful and heartfelt statement during the ceremony. A message which I took great care to craft and thanking Warren Entsch for his years of tireless efforts for the recognition of marriage equality within the Australian Marriage Act and addressing the continuing struggle for LGBTGQI+ couples and individuals worldwide.

As I read the statement, I glanced up to see Darrin’s face, a look of pride and agreement, with tears in his eyes.

Yes it’s true, celebrants do cry at weddings and as I looked up at the guests in the chapel I saw almost everyone was crying. Tears of happiness, recognition and hope; we were all united.

I’ve never had so many hugs and compliments after a ceremony, it was truly a moment to remember.

Their reception was just as memorable, they strutted their way into the restaurant. We all cheered with the speeches, laughed at the jokes and clapped in appreciation of the moment. We dined on the culinary delights of the NuNu chefs and then danced until our feet hurt.

Their day was a lovefest, hugfest, laughfest expression of their relationship and it was a wedding I will always remember, for all the right reasons.

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