Courtney & Elliott

Courtney & Elliott were never going to have a big wedding. They have a love which is honest and private and not bound by the constraints or requirements of tradition or obligation.

They were destined to elope in secret and they had already set the date when the weirdness of Covid 19 started to rear up around us all.

We confirmed the location as restrictions started to confine us and the world began to shutdown. They were making plans and stepping carefully along the tangled path of new regulations as many other events were being postponed.

The beaches were empty and time stood still, as Courtney & Elliott giggled their way through their secret ceremony. We all shared in the moment, laughing together and poking the bear of Covid 19. We stayed within restrictions, but pushing the boundaries. Streaming the ceremony to their best friends in Melbourne (who were the only ones who knew) and we all smiled when we saw the big trady Tommy, sitting in his truck in his work gear crying into his beer.  We physically distanced, we stayed within numbers, we sanitised, we masked up and we didn’t share those hugs that I love so much.

And their families were all jubilant when they shared the secret, because everyone loves a celebration, especially when it’s all about Love in a time of Covid 19

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