Chantel & Breanna

I knew these two lovebirds were going to be amazing to work with from the first moment we met. They met at school and lost touch but found each other again after they both swiped right and reconnected as two nervous people catching up for Coffee and Cinnamon Scrolls. Then with huge smiles and tight hugs the nerves faded away and were replaced with comfortable energy and easy conversation and the rest as they say.. is history. Their relationship evolved like the perfect script to a Classic Love Story. An awesome script filled with fun, adventure and a few mishaps, waking up early to watch the sunrise, brekky dates, delicious coffee and great food, trips to Bunnings and Go-kart racing, snuggs at home with their furry babies, dining out with friends or sharing a family sized block of chocolate watching a movie… They planned their wedding at the Rainforest Grotto with their friends and family on board for all the fun. It was a collaboration from the heart, filled with love and generosity of spirit, acceptance and enthusiasm for the genuine loving bond that they share. Together they made the decision to let go of “What if ’s and What might be” and they have embraced “What is and What will be” Breanna promised all the things including “I promise to never stop holding your hand, and kissing your face, and getting excited over trees” Chantel vowed even more of the things Aswell as “I vow to be weird with you, making up songs and dances to our daily lives…. and to encourage to you reach for all that your heart desires (even if that is just a second dessert!). These two lovebirds really did steal my heart, their love is truly infectious and their combined love of desserts definitely works for me… Congratulations Mx & Mrs Cionti Smith – You got me!



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