Brian & Nicola

Brian & Nicola met at work, Brian knew the moment he saw Nicola that she was different, but work is work and sometimes you have to keep things on the down low! So they kept things quiet until they knew where they were at Brian proposed on the balcony on the 25th floor of a hotel in Pattaya and their friends and family were not shocked by the decision! They planned a big wedding to share the fun with everyone, then Covid got in the way, so they put heir plans on hold. Whilst plans were on hold, life was moving on and they had a baby…. So the big wedding in their home town became a Micro Wedding in Paradise. With their nearest and dearest on hand, they said their vows at the Cairns Botanic Gardens and relished the intimacy. They arrived in style in a Maserati and both showed off their ink. We celebrated and shared the love as they toasted the moment with champagne and kisses. They were completely at ease sharing their vows and promises, with a relationship built on equality and a love that is easygoing, playful, and respectful, with an unending love for Hudson. They’ve seemingly mastered the art of navigating life together with effortless ease. I can’t wait to see what the future holds for these two lovebirds.Brian-&-Nicola-elopement-cairns

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