Alex & Mitch

Alex and Mitch were always meant to be, because fate brought them together when they were at school. When you meet your significant other at a young age, you get to grow up and evolve together. You learn how to push each other’s buttons, but more importantly, you learn how to be there for each other when things get tough. Just like when Mitch bought KFC for Alex when she didn’t even have time for a break. Now that’s true love! From the moment they got engaged in India and made the decision to get married, their lives started to change. They went from saying “yes” to each other to making commitments and plans for their future. Whether they were off for a swim, drinking Vietnamese coffee or walking their dog Maggie, they were planning their future together. Ready to take on the world and excited for what the future holds, one KFC run at a time! Their intimate wedding at Little Cove was romantic and heartfelt with just a little bit of fun on the side… Leaving us hopeful and happy and wanting to do it all over again!Alex-&-Mitchell-Cairns-ceremony

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